History of the Sunnybank Bowls Club Inc.  

The inaugural meeting to consider forming a bowls club in the Sunnybank district was held on Sunday 4th December 1952, and was attended by 70 people. Sunnybank at that time was in the very outer reaches of Brisbane City approximately 16 kilometres from the CBD.      

The club was formed in early 1953 with 46 members. Mr Bill Harpin was elected as President, Mr Clyde Ward Secretary, and Mr Norm Pottinger Treasurer.

In July 1954, the Club was granted a 30 year lease over approximately 18 acres of government land bounded by Turton, Gager, Lister and Boorman Streets in Sunnybank. Part of that land was later excised to form Sunnybank High School, leaving an area large enough to construct two greens, a clubhouse, machinery shed and parking.

The Club was officially opened in 1955 by the then president of the Queensland Bowling Association Mr J.G.Hargrave. The Club affiliated with the Queensland Association in 1956 and provided Mr D.B.Nunn as the first Club delegate in 1957.

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An early highlight occurred on 28th August 1956 when the Club was granted its first liquor licence. As the ladies of the district were becoming interested in bowls, the Sunnybank Ladies Bowling Club was formed in 1956 with 17 members. In August 1956, the name of the Club was changed from Sunnybank Bowling Club to Sunnybank Bowls Club. The Club adopted a pawpaw tree as its emblem, and to mark that occasion, a line of pine trees at the eastern boundary of the Club was replaced with a line of pawpaw trees. The first Club house was very basic and consisted of a fibro building 10 metres by 7 metres without a ceiling. However, after enduring the first hot summer a sweltering club member donated the cost of having a ceiling installed. This was judged to be inadequate in 1961, and so two army disposal huts were purchased at a cost of 100 pounds, joined together, the internal walls removed and a clubhouse 22 metres by 12 metres formed.

That 'building' remained in use until 1966 when it was sold for temporary housing. Construction of a new and much larger Clubhouse commenced in 1965 and was completed in July 1966 at a total cost of $57,000.

Further modifications were carried out in 1974 when the clubhouse was extended by 14 metres and the interior completely re-organised, all at a cost of $61,307. That Clubhouse, with some further minor alterations including a new office and air conditioning, remains in place today.


The Club was incorporated on 3rd February 1989 to protect members against any legal action and became the Sunnybank Bowls Club Inc. 1991 was the year that poker machines were installed in the Club.


Further Highlights
In 2005 the ladies and men's clubs combined to form a fully amalgamated Club. The Club won its first RQBA Pennant in 1963 when the fourth division mens bowlers were successful. The most recent in 2013 when the men's 6th Division won at Algester. The Club has won 20 Pennants in grades from Division 1 to Division 7 for men in RQBA and District Pennants, as well as 16 from Division 1 to Division 6 in RQBA and District Pennants for ladies.

Since 1969 four club members have represented Queensland in the men's division and one (Maureen Hobbs ) in the ladies division.


1984 Pennants Winners  Winners 1997  Pennant Winners 2004 






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